connessione correttamente avvenuta

Lucio FONTANA, 1960. "Spatial Concept , Waiting". Water-based paint on canvas, red 41 x 33 cm. The pictorial is mounted on an original wooden frame, made of 4 side posts, connected by means Unions angle a mortise and tenon. The expansion chassis and obtained through the insertion of wooden biette within the angular fittings. And the canvas fixed on the frame edges with sellerine nails. Correct tension appears and there were no looseness and deformation. The title, the artist's signeature, the arrow and the 'enrollment (1+1-BB2) are present on the back of the canvas. The two black gauzes are well tensioned, the left that presents a meta small tear. In the correspondence according to right down cut, you notice a small imperfection in the original cut execution. For an examination, performed with the Wood, there is no evidence of retouches or restoration of the pictorial drawing load. examination of the surface shows a Proper condition, slight patina of dirt on the edges is on the pictoria surface, easily removable with a light cleaning. The painting is mounted in a frame between two one front and one rear windows. In conclusion the pictorial is in good state of conservation.